As a world-class multidisciplinary research journal, PNAS offers a wealth of content—from Core Concepts articles that explain a trending topic in a given field, to the ability to quickly download figures and tables for PowerPoint slides—that will enhance course curricula and encourage classroom discussion. These informative resources are collected here in the PNAS Teaching Resources Portal.

Since its establishment in 1914, PNAS has been one of the world's most-cited multidisciplinary scientific serials, known for its cutting-edge research reports. PNAS also publishes Profiles of researchers across a wide variety of fields that detail how they got a start in science, thought-provoking Commentaries, and “Front Matter” articles that tell the story of science. In addition, PNAS podcasts and summaries of PNAS research articles are frequently covered in the news media and provide insight on the cutting-edge research in the journal.