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Sex differences in metabolic brain aging

Brain metabolism scans in individuals aged 20–82 years revealed that compared with male brains, female brains appeared three to four years younger on average, suggesting potential links between sex and human brain aging.

Image courtesy of Pixabay/geralt.

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Organism mobility in the Paleoproterozoic Era

String-shaped pyritized structures preserved in shale from Gabon’s Franceville basin suggest that some organisms were capable of movement approximately 1.5 billion years earlier than thought and shed fresh light on the origin of multicellularity.

Image courtesy of Abderrazak El Albani.

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Origin of European megaliths

Ancient megalith building likely originated in northwest France’s Brittany region and diffused via sea routes in three main phases, suggesting that the maritime skills and technology of megalithic societies may have been more advanced than previously thought.

Image courtesy of Bettina Schulz Paulsson.

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