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Hints of ayahuasca in pre-Columbian rituals

Chemical evidence suggests ritual use of psychoactive plants used to brew ayahuasca in pre-Columbian Bolivia.

Image courtesy of Juan Albarracin-Jordan and José M. Capriles.

National Geographic ●  Science ●  PNAS Article

Kinship and violence in Neolithic Poland

Researchers present evidence of Neolithic kinship and violence based on remains from a mass grave in Poland.

Image courtesy of Piotr Włodarczak.

Newsweek ●  Science ●  PNAS Article

Brain fluid shifts following spaceflight

Volume of cosmonauts’ brain ventricles increased by an average of 12% after spaceflight—a potential mechanism to cope with increased brain fluid volume, a study suggests.

Image courtesy of R. Maxine Rühl.

Inverse ●  New Scientist ●  PNAS Article


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