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Fossil illuminates hagfish evolution

Fossil evidence helps address a longstanding debate on the evolution of hagfish, a jawless, marine-dwelling slime “eel,” and suggests that living jawless vertebrates may not be as primitive as their anatomy suggests.

Image courtesy of Tetsuto Miyashita.

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Antarctic ice dynamics and sea level rise

A study estimates the Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance—the net gain or loss of ice mass—over the past four decades, finding that from 1979 to 2017, the estimated rate of mass loss increased from 40 Gt/yr in the 1980s to more than 250 Gt/yr in the 2010s.

Image courtesy of Pixabay/MartinFuchs.

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Emotion regulation and academic success

Low-income students performed better in science classes when they participated in exercises to help regulate negative emotions, according to a study that suggests that emotion regulation may play a role in academic success.

Image courtesy of Pixabay/mohamed_hassan.

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