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Age-related bias and NIH grants

A study examines age-related bias in the award of National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grants.



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Marine reserves and climate change

In a Perspective, researchers suggest that supplementing greenhouse gas emission reduction goals with the development of well-managed marine reserves may be a practical and cost-effective strategy to mitigate climate change effects.



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Metabolic adaptations of Sherpas to high altitudes

Researchers report metabolic adaptations of Himalayan Sherpas to low-pressure, low-oxygen conditions at high altitudes.



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Teaching Resources in PNAS

As a world-class multidisciplinary research journal, PNAS offers a wealth of content—from Core Concepts articles that explain a trending topic in a given field, to the ability to quickly download figures and tables for PowerPoint slides—that will enhance course curricula and encourage classroom discussion. These informative resources are collected here in the PNAS Teaching Resources Portal.


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Interview with 2016 Cozzarelli Prize Winners Sandu Popescu and Jeff Tollaksen

Sandu Popescu and Jeff Tollaksen explain how a fundamental principle of nature does not hold in quantum mechanics. Image courtesy of Mark Finkenstaedt.
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