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African elephant declines and ivory trade

Most of the African elephant ivory seized by law enforcement since 2002 likely came from animals that had died within 3 years, a study finds.


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Profiling using chemicals on mobile phones

Researchers used mass spectrometry to compare chemical molecules collected from the hands of 39 participants with the chemical makeup on the participants’ mobile phones, and found that the phones’ chemical profiles reflected the participants lifestyles, such that predictions could be made on hygiene product choices, diet, medical status, and locations visited by the participants.


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Erosion of British southern sea cliffs

Researchers found that the retreat rate for Britain’s East Sussex cliffs rose from a range of 2-6 centimeters per year throughout much of the Holocene to 22-32 centimeters per year during the last 150 years, findings that could inform predictive models of future coastal change.


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