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Archaeological finds illuminate Roman Empire battle

Archaeological excavations in Denmark shed fresh light on a fierce battle in Northern Europe in the first century AD. Cut marks on bones and hip bones threaded on a stick hint at the possibility of ritual in the disposal of human remains, according to the authors.

National Geographic ●  USA Today ●  PNAS Article

Lead pollution in Greenland ice tracks historical events

Researchers report links between records of lead pollution in Greenland ice cores and economic fluctuation in ancient societies. The record of European lead pollution in Greenland ice provides insights into ancient economic activities, including lead and silver mining.

The New York Times ●  Science ●  PNAS Article

Global biomass distribution

Researchers report a census of biomass on Earth, and comparison of the census with historical biomass estimates suggests that human activities have led to reductions in wild mammal, fish, and plant biomass, according to the authors. Image courtesy of Pixabay/bildgebende_Momente.

New Scientist ●  The Guardian ●  PNAS Article


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