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Early monumental burial sites

Researchers report an early monumental burial site near Lake Turkana in Kenya that may have served as a stable landmark for mobile herders in a changing physical environment and as a social anchor point to foster communal identity and interaction among mobile herders.

The New York Times ●  Ars Technica ●  PNAS Article

Evidence of surface water ice on the moon

A study reports evidence of water ice on the moon’s surface, discerned via a signature in the near-infrared reflectance spectra that suggests the ice was formed by slow condensation due to impact or water migration through the lunar exosphere.

The Guardian ●  ABC  ●  PNAS Article

Air pollution and cognitive decline

A study explores the cognitive effects of reducing fine particulate matter levels in air in China to the US Environmental Protection Agency standard, and concludes that the economic cost of air pollution could be greater than previously thought.

The New York Times ●  CNN  ●  PNAS Article


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