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Climate change and dengue in Latin America

Limiting global mean temperatures to 2°C above pre-industrial levels could prevent approximately 2.8 million dengue cases in Latin America per year by the end of the century, compared with a business-as-usual scenario, according to a study. Image courtesy of Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos.

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Solar system history from geologic record

A statistical approach that incorporates data from 1.4 billion-year-old and 55 million-year-old rock formations yields improved estimates of Earth’s distance from the Moon and length of day, enabling reconstruction of the behavior of the ancient Solar System. Image courtesy of Pixabay/qimono.

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Aerial imagery aids Jerash archaeology

Researchers report that a combination of historical aerial imagery and modern airborne laser scanning helped locate and contextualize archaeological features at risk of destruction in the ancient Jordanian city of Jerash. Similar remote sensing methods can help evaluate archaeological data.

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