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Gender and NIH funding longevity

A study suggests that women’s likelihood of sustaining funding from the National Institutes of Health may be better than commonly perceived and that funding longevity depends to a greater extent on grant application rates than on gender.

Science ●  Nature ●  PNAS Article

Pre-agricultural origins of bread in the Near East

Researchers report evidence of the preparation of bread-like products 4,000 years before the emergence of agriculture, though bread likely became a dietary staple only after the establishment of agriculture, according to the authors.

Washington Post  ●  Reuters  ●  PNAS Article

Primary producers in the mid-Proterozoic sea

A study suggests that around 1 billion years ago photosynthetic primary producers were likely too small to support the development of animal ecosystems, and lack of large primary producers in the mid-Proterozoic oceans, along with low oxygen levels, may have hampered animal life.

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