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Dinosaur-like forms in early bird shoulders

Researchers report a species of early bird with a combination of bird-like and dinosaur-like bone morphologies, and the structure of the bird’s shoulder girdle highlights the role of developmental plasticity in the early evolution of birds, according to the authors.

Smithsonian ●  National Geographic ●  PNAS Article

Effect of glyphosate on honey bee gut

A study suggests that the herbicide glyphosate disrupts bee gut microbiota, increasing bees’ susceptibility to pathogens, and that glyphosate’s effects may contribute to the largely unexplained increase in honey bee colony mortality.

NPR ●  Science ●  PNAS Article

Ancient retrovirus and intravenous drug use

A study finds that a fragment of an ancient retrovirus, integrated in human ancestors before the emergence of Neanderthals, is found more frequently in people who contracted HIV and hepatitis C through intravenous drug use, compared with control populations.

Newsweek ●  The Independent ●  PNAS Article


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