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Sand flies appear to have affinity for marijuana

Blood-sucking sand flies from disparate global regions have a predilection for feeding on the marijuana plant (Cannabis sativa), and the findings hint at a potential avenue for controlling sand flies, which can transmit leishmaniasis.

The Independent ●  Newsweek ●  PNAS Article

Human activity and calcite dissolution at the seafloor

A study explores human impacts on the composition of deep-sea sediments and, consequently, the geological record, and finds significant anthropogenic contribution to calcium carbonate dissolution at the seafloor.

Smithsonian Magazine ●  Live Science ●  PNAS Article

Climate change and mountaintop extinctions

A study suggests that climate change is driving high-elevation tropical species to extinction, with species moving to progressively higher elevations until they run out of habitat.

BBC ● VOA ●  PNAS Article


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