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Loss of Greenland Ice Sheet mass

Since 1972, ice loss from Greenland has contributed to an estimated 13.7 mm rise in global sea level, with the largest contributions coming from northwest, southeast, and central west Greenland, according to a study.

Image courtesy of Eric Rignot.

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Economic inequality and global warming

Global warming has likely increased the economic disparity between the top and bottom population deciles across the world, thereby generating greater economic inequality than would have occurred without global warming, according to a study.

Image courtesy of Noah S. Diffenbaugh and Marshall Burke.

NY Times ●  USA Today ●  PNAS Article

Social aphids defend colonies against predators

Some species of aphids use a form of social defense to protect colonies from predators, uncovering potential molecular clues to the evolutionary roots of altruistic social defense, according to a study.

Image courtesy of Mayako Kutsukake.

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Noah Diffenbaugh and Marshall Burke discuss how global warming impacts economies and income inequality.