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Human influence, climate, and fire activity

Modeling of historic annual fire activity for 37 regions across the continental United States indicates that the relative importance of seasonal temperature, seasonal precipitation, and overall climate in explaining fire activity varied substantially with geography, and that human presence reduced the influence of climate on fire in some regions, according to a study.

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How genes and experience influence birdsong

Researchers report how the interplay of genes and experience influences differences in learned birdsong.


Scientific American   

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Amygdala and memory

In a memory retrieval task in which 14 participants, 20–54 years of age, viewed a series of non-emotional images, half of which were followed immediately by electrical stimulation of the participants’ amygdala, a brain region involved in prioritizing memories, researchers found that the participants exhibited improved memory in next-day memory recognition tests for the images that were followed by amygdala stimulation, compared with control images, findings with implications for the development of memory enhancement therapies.

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